If You Really Want to Grow Your Breasts

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Published: 07th September 2009
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Do you feel discouraged because of your flat chest? I did, for many years. When I was in high school, I was an athlete and very slim. That certainly helped me win medals on the track. But it also meant that my breasts were tiny. Not that I minded back then. I got all the medals and all the attention that went along with them. So I didn't mind. What's more, I thought my breasts would grow by themselves in time. Maybe I was a late starter, that's all.

But after school, I went to college. I quit athletics to concentrate on my course in Interior Design. My world started to change then. For one thing, I dressed differently. Most of my girlfriends dressed trendily mainly to attract guys' attention. So I thought it's time for me to show my feminine side as well. I could keep up with my friends in all the latest fashions but there was one area I always lost out in. You guessed it, the size of my breasts. I was a 34A (or maybe AA) while the rest of my girlfriends looked like they were at least a 36C. You can imagine how many guys paid attention to me when the rest of them were around. But one thing athletics taught me was how to be competitive.

So I determined that I would not take it lying down. I started my own research into how to make my breasts grow. I wanted it to be natural so surgery was out of the question, not to mention my conservative parents would have killed me. But the more I researched, the more horror stories I discovered about scams, side effects of drugs and things like that. On the other hand, there appeared to be some genuine success stories as well. So which one should I choose?

I was always a pretty smart cookie in school and college and having the smarts helped me in making a decision in this matter. It appeared to me that the success stories had to do with a few factors. And likewise, when one or some of these factors are missing, the ladies had no success in breast growth. Here are the main factors that contribute to natural breast growth.

Firstly, it is nutrition. The main element that stimulates breast growth is the female hormone, estrogen. Estrogen is the hormone that causes your breasts to grow at puberty in the first place. Nowadays, you can buy estrogen in the form of pills that contain phytoestrogen (plant estrogen) to supplement the estrogen your body produces. Alternatively, phytoestrogen can be consumed through natural foods like fenugreek, saw palmetto, wild yam, tofu and other soy products, flax seeds, whole grains, cereals etc.

Secondly, you need protein in your diet. Breast cells are made up mainly of fat cells (called Adipose Tissue). The more fat cells you have in your breasts, the bigger they are. Protein in your diet can be transformed into these fat cells especially in the presence of estrogen.

But your body is such that one thing always depends on another. So for estrogen and protein to work, they need other trace elements. Hence, you need to maintain a balanced diet of healthy fruits and vegetables. This will ensure maximum absorption of estrogen and protein from your diet. Likewise, you should avoid caffeine. Caffeine has the opposite effect in that it restricts the effectiveness of estrogen and protein.

Now here's where lots of products fail. They only provide the physical means such as pills that contain all the above elements. But they do not include the non-physical aspects of breast growth such as your mindset, emotions and attitudes. It is only when you include all the essential things that your body needs that your breasts will grow naturally.

I have found a system that encompasses all the physical and non-physical elements required for natural breast growth in Nancy Newton's "How I Made My Breasts Grow Bigger Naturally". Unlike most other methods, Nancy shows you how to bring in ALL the essentials to grow your breasts. Her e-book shows you how to influence your breast cells to grow and multiply, utilize your emotions to affect how fast your breasts grow, how to program your mind for success etc. It even teaches you how to use your imagination in bringing about breast growth.

In short, Nancy's method is the most holistic system in growing your breasts naturally that I have found. I have applied it to my own breasts and I am happy to say that after about 5 months, my breasts grew by two cup sizes! My confidence has skyrocketed and needless to say, these days I get more attention from guys than I can handle. Thanks, Nancy!

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